I remember taking a philosophy class in college where we spent a lot of time on syllogisms. Syllogisms are fun, informative, and can really shed a light on what is really going on.

Lately, I have been playing with them in regards to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The reasoning for doing so lies in the fact that Putin continues to do things that either do not make any sense or are in direct contradiction of what he is saying.

Conclusions I have reached, based on formulating several syllogisms relating to Putin, is that Putin is no longer in charge of his country. Can you believe it? President Vladimir Putin has lost control of his country and is most likely a mere puppet.

Here is one example of the many syllogisms I have done in order to support my conclusions.

Russian soldiers and military equipment are operating in a hostile manner in Ukraine. Putin is commander of the Russian military. Therefore Putin has ordered that Russian soldiers and military equipment operate in a hostile manner in Ukraine.

By that account, Putin is clearly responsible for the death and destruction on Ukrainian soil. Putin, however, continues to deny any official Russian involvement in the crisis. As a leader of a powerful nation, I have to believe that Putin would never lie.

This could only mean Russian military units are abandoning their posts in Russia and are stealing Russian property by bringing with them military equipment. Once in Ukraine, they are executing terroristic acts against a foreign population. Since we can only assume that Putin is telling the truth, the Russian soldiers under his command who are operating in Ukraine are thumbing their nose at their leader.

My only conclusion to this syllogism is that the Putin has lost control of his military and may actually be powerless puppet.

That’s not all though. There is more proof that Putin is weak and insignificant in his own country. Here is another syllogism I have put together.

Nadiya Savchenko is a Ukrainian pilot who was captured by either pro-Russian separatists or Russian military units in Ukrainian territory. Nadiya Savchenko was taken out of Ukraine, into Russia and detained for alleged crimes committed in Ukraine while defending her country against pro-Russian separatists or Russian military. Therefore, Nadiya Savchenko is a prisoner of war.

This syllogism is tricky. Putin insist there is no war between Russia and Ukraine. If there is no war then Savchenko can’t be a prisoner of war.

If this is the case then Russia is aiding and abetting terroristic acts and falsely imprisoning someone who did not commit any crimes against the Russian state and did not commit any crime on Russian soil. If Russia feels Savchenko is guilty of anything, she should be returned to Ukraine to be judged where the alleged crime took place.

You would think that Putin understands Savchenko should be released to Ukrainian authorities. After all, he is the leader of a great nation that is lawful and just.

You would also think that Putin understands if he himself is complicit in the detention of Savchenko he is either a criminal holding her against her will or a leader of a nation that is at war with its neighbor making Savchenko a prisoner of war.

Putin, however, denies both scenarios concerning Savchenko’s detention. Again, according to Putin, Russia and Ukraine are not at war so she is not a prisoner of war. And, according to Putin, Savchenko needs to stand trial for crimes she committed in Ukraine, but insists she is not detained illegally.

This again makes me feel that he is being told what to say and how to act as he is being so contradicting in what he is saying and how Russia is acting. If Putin were a sane and just leader, he would realize that what he is saying along with his actions is itself a crime.

I can go on and on with syllogisms showing how Putin is being portrayed as a man who has lost his power. There has got to be others within the Russian government who are calling the shots.

Otherwise, if others are not controlling Putin then the alternative is disappointing.  

That would mean that Putin is actually in control and must be a lying bastard of a leader who is ordering actions that are resulting in the deaths of both Ukrainians and Russians on foreign soil.

It would also mean that Putin is governing irresponsible by acting in a way that is resulting in sanctions on the nation he is leading which is damaging the economy and making millions of his own people suffer needlessly.

I wish I really knew what is going on. But, since I may never know, I will have to take what Putin is saying at face value and believe he is the innocent party in all of this.

Therefore, President Vladimir Putin of Russia is a powerless puppet of a leader entertaining the world at the expense of many lives.